Routine & High-Risk Obstetrics

At Ballard Gynecology, Dr. Ballard and his staff believe the health and safety of you, as well as your unborn baby, are the highest priority. You want to be sure that the person you choose for your prenatal care has a good reputation, and listens to, and respects you. It is important to develop a relationship with your provider and are comfortable with discussing any questions or concerns you may have about your pregnancy. You will see your prenatal care provider many times before you have your baby.

Prenatal Checkups

During pregnancy, regular prenatal office visits are very important. These visits allow the opportunity to keep close monitoring of your pregnancy to help keep you and your baby healthy, spot problems if they occur, and minimize or prevent problems during delivery.

The first OB visit typically occurs between 8 & 12 weeks gestation. The following visits are scheduled at or around 16, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40 weeks. Women with high-risk pregnancies may need to see their doctors more often.

Whether you have a routine pregnancy or a high-risk pregnancy it is important that you are an active participant in your healthcare! We strongly encourage you to ask questions and read to educate yourself about this exciting milestone in your life!

Ballard Gynecology

High-Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancies with a greater chance of complications are called “high-risk.” Some of these risks are known when you become pregnant and some develop during the pregnancy. If you are diagnosed as high-risk, rest assured that you will be given the individualized medical treatment and care that you need during this delicate time.